Avatar, directed by James Cameron, starring Sam Worthington and Sigourney Weaver. Avatar Movie, 2009

Avatar Movie PosterAvatar, directed by James Cameron, , starring Sam Worthington and Sigourney Weaver

In the future, Jake, a paraplegic war veteran, is brought to another planet, Pandora, which is inhabited by the Na'vi, a humanoid race with their own language and culture. Those from Earth find themselves at odds with each other and the local culture.

The Cast:
Avatar Trailer, Movie Clips, Interviews, News
James Cameron
James Cameron, Director of Avatar
Jake Sully:
Sam Worthington
Sam Worthington
Sigourney Weaver
Sigourney Weaver

Trudy Chacon:
Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez
Giovanni Ribisi
Giovanni Ribisi
Zoe Saldana
Zoe Saldana
Norm Spellman:
Joel Moore
Joel Moore
Wes Studi Wes Studi
CCH Pounder
CCH Pounder
Col. Quaritch:
Stephen Lang
Stephen Lang
Laz Alonso
Laz Alonso

Rating: TBC

Avatar Release date:
December 18th 2009 (UK)

Avatar Movie
Avatar Movie
Avatar Movie
Avatar Movie
Avatar Movie

Screen Rant

James Cameron On 'Avatar 2': 'It's Building There'
Huffington Post
Speaking to reporters at the New Zealand premiere of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" in November of 2012, director James Cameron said the goal was to shoot "Avatar 2" sometime in 2013; Cameron previously stated that he had hoped to get "Avatar ...
James Cameron provides update on 'Avatar' sequelsCNN International
James Cameron: 'Avatar 2 & 3' Must 'Deliver The Goods'Screen Rant
James Cameron & Fox Denied Dismissal Of Latest 'Avatar' LawsuitDeadline.com
First Showing -Digital Spy -Cinema Blend
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  Mon, 18 Mar 2013 12:47:09 GMT

Avatar so much harder than LOTR: James Cameron
James Cameron has revealed that he had it tough making 'Avatar' as compared to Sir Peter Jackson with the 'Lord of the Rings'. According to reports, the 59-year-old filmmaker, who is planning to direct Avatar 2, said in an interview with Life Goes ...

  Wed, 20 Mar 2013 11:51:43 GMT

Filmoria (blog)

James Cameron: AVATAR sequels will be Carbon Neutral
Filmoria (blog)
Avatar Sequels will be carbon neutral, says James Cameron James Cameron has insisted that the production of his two, possibly three Avatar sequels will be carbon neutral. The king of the directing world has committed the rest of his career to producing ...

and more »
  Mon, 11 Mar 2013 17:21:57 GMT

Danny Boyle sees the end of 3D movies in sight as Shropshire cinemas reveal ...
And many top directors, such as Avatar's James Cameron and Lord of the Rings mastermind Peter Jackson, have invested heavily in the assumption that 3D technology is here to stay. Drama. But 56-year-old Boyle, whose latest drama Trance is currently ...

  Tue, 02 Apr 2013 10:12:53 GMT


Hollywood Director James Cameron Donates Deep-Sea Craft for Research
James Cameron, the director who gave us critically-acclaimed films like The Terminator, Titanic, Avatar, is giving us the craft that he built and rode into the sea's deepest spot last year ? well not us per se, but to the Woods Hole Oceanographic ...
Hollywood director James Cameron donates his record-breaking submarine to ...Daily Mail
James Cameron donates Deepsea Challenger submarine to scienceThe Guardian
Back From the Abyss, WHOI Gets James Cameron's SubmarineScience AAAS
ABC News -GlobalNews.ca -Look To The Stars
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  Fri, 29 Mar 2013 12:01:06 GMT

James Cameron transfers deep-sea submersible to lab
USA TODAY (blog)
Undersea explorer James Cameron -- you may know him as the director of Avatar and Titanic -- has moved his record-breaking deep-sea submersible to a storied ocean lab in a bid to spur more underwater research. One year ago today, Cameron made a ...

  Tue, 26 Mar 2013 08:10:15 GMT

3D Jurassic Park to be roaring success
Miami Student
George Lucas started developing ? for better or for worse ? the Star Wars prequels, Peter Jackson rekindled his love of childhood fantasy in Lord of the Rings and King Kong and James Cameron could realize his dream of Avatar. Even 20 years later ...

and more »
  Tue, 02 Apr 2013 03:38:11 GMT

Yahoo! News Canada (blog)

How astronomers find real (and fictional) planets around other stars
Yahoo! News Canada (blog)
A fun example he slips in is the fictional planet and moon from the James Cameron movie Avatar (I love that the image even includes the 'Papyrus' font the movie-makers used for the title and the subtitles). The light curve really shows off the planet ...

  Mon, 01 Apr 2013 14:23:19 GMT

'Avatar' director donates dive craft, says 3D movie due in fall
Reuters India
(Reuters) - Film director James Cameron is donating the Deepsea Challenger craft he used to make a record-setting solo dive a year ago to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to speed research into the deepest parts of the world's oceans. Cameron ...

  Tue, 26 Mar 2013 19:48:10 GMT

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Avatar, a James Cameron film, starring Sam Worthington and Sigourney Weaver.
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