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Wesley "Wes" Studi (born December 17, 1947) is an Native American actor.

Born in Nofire Hollow, Oklahoma, Studi was schooled on a reservation. Until he attended grade school, he spoke only Cherokee. In 1967, he was drafted into the Army and served 18 months in Vietnam. After his discharge, Studi studied at Tulsa Junior College.

He is best known for his roles as both brave and vicious Indians, in such roles as the Pawnee warrior in Dances With Wolves and as Magua in The Last of the Mohicans. In 2002, Studi brought to life the legendary Tony Hillerman character Lt. Joe Leaphorn, for a series of PBS movies produced by Robert Redford.

In 2005, he portrayed a character inspired by the Powhatan warrier Opechancanough in The New World, a 2005 Academy Award-nominated film directed by Terrence Malick, and starring Colin Farrell. The historical adventure is set during the founding of the Jamestown, Virginia settlement and includes other characters inspired by historical figures, notably Captain John Smith (Farrell) and Pocahontas. Much the film was shot at locations in James City County and Charles City County, not far from where the first permanent English colony in the New World was established at Jamestown, Virginia beginning on May 14, 1607.

In addition to acting, Studi is a stone carver, an author of two children's books, and plays bass in a local band.

In The News:

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2006 Three Priests as Ben
2005 The New World as Opechancanough
2005 Miracle at Sage Creek as Chief Thomas
2005 Animal as Creeper (voice)
2004 Echoes from Juniper Canyon as Grandpa (voice)
2003 The Ugly One as Father Mike
2002 Undisputed as Mingo Pace
2001 Road to Redemption as Frank Lightfoot
2001 Christmas in the Clouds as Bingo Caller
2001 Ice Planet as Commander Trager
1999 Mystery Men as The Sphinx
1998 Soundman as Terry Leonard
1998 The Horse Whisperer as parks guard
1998 Deep Rising as Hanover
1996 The Killing Jar as Cameron
1995 Heat as Detective Casals
1995 Lone Justice 2 as One Horse
1994 Street Fighter as Victor Sagat
1993 Geronimo: An American Legend as Geronimo
1992 The Last of the Mohicans as Magua
1991 The Doors as Indian in Desert
1990 Dances with Wolves as Toughest Pawnee
1989 Powwow Highway as Buff


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